Toning Shoes Projects I Have Been Working On

I have been focused hard at work on several toning shoes projects. These toning shoes are controversial, but are shoes that have some type of instability built into them such as a rocker sole (some have a ‘wobble board’). The aim of these designs are to change the posture slightly and also allegedly make the muscles work harder for a “tone up”. There is quite a discrepancy between what the manufacturers actually do claim the shoes do and what the scientific research actually says happens. As a result, there has been some legal action for some of the manufacturers (check this out)! Despite the hype and the science that I do wear my MBT’s a couple of days a week to mix it up and am comfortable doing so.

I have been setting the Toning Shoes Today site; have put together a new video on these shoes for the Podiatry Soapbox site; been working on a CPD toning shoes course soon available on the Podiatry CPD site; and last, and also I have been working on the toning shoes section on the PodoPaedia site. (I also answered questions about toning shoes on Yahoo! Answers and on the forum, Gout Online). I also made some comments for a press release and wrote a piece for Ezine.

It has been a real ‘drowning’ (!) in the whole concept and world of toning shoes, the hyped claims and the scientific research behind them. Maybe I should next write a book?

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